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We are located in the heart of Cairo; we are dedicated to offer the highest quality of Montessori Training Courses, preparing adults to work in Authentic Montessori Environments. All our courses are AMI accredited. In partnership with Montessori Foundation of Egypt, we hope to participate in the reform of Education in Egypt!

Why AMI Montessori?


Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is the original and only organization established by Dr.  Maria Montessori in Amsterdam to maintain the integrity of her life’s work. AMI is the recognised international authority on Montessori education.  We are proud to offer AMI courses in Egypt for the first time!

International Students


We welcome international students from around the world. Our fees for international students are almost the same for Egyptian students which makes it a good opportunity to study AMI courses while enjoying an unforgettable experience in Egypt with all its historic places, beautiful beaches, friendly people and wonderful weather all year round!

Meet Our Trainers
Diwo Lhamo Pemba

AMI Primary (3-6) Trainer

Diwo Lhamo Pemba is an AMI Primary Trainer from Tibetan-Bhutanese ethnicity. Lhamo did her AMI Primary (2.5-6) training with Lynne Lawrence in London, UK and her AMI Assistance to Infancy (0-3) training with Judi Orion in Denver, Colorado, USA. She has several years of experience on both levels as well as being trained as a teacher in the traditional educational system. Lhamo has been offering courses in different parts of the world such as USA; Egypt, Vietnam, India, Mongolia and Morocco. She has also written a book on Tibetan Proverbs. In Egypt, Lhamo has given three AMI Primary Assistants Courses as well as the first AMI Primary Diploma Course in the country. With Lhamo, the first graduation of AMI Guides (Teachers) in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, took place in Cairo! 

Nathalie Justine

AMI Primary (3-6) Trainer

Nathalie JUSTINE is an AMI trainer at the Primary level (3-6). She has many years of experience with children in Montessori environments in different countries (France, USA, Canada, and in Ecuador where she worked with underprivileged children for 4 years). She has trained students for 10 years at the Montessori Training center in Paris on different formats (academic and summer courses). The last few years, she has lectured on AMI courses around the world (in Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America), and examined in several international Training centers. She also does supervision for schools.  

Teanny Hurtado

AMI Assistants To Infancy (0-3) Trainer

As a daughter of Maria Teresa Vidales (Chacha Vidales, AMI 0-3 Trainer), Teanny’s journey in Montessori began in Mexico City where she attended Montessori school from the age of 4 to 12 years. She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. As an AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma (0-3) holder, Teanny worked in Chacha’s Montessori school with this age group for more than 25 years. Here she opened the first Nido in Mexico in 1999 for babies aged 3 months old to walking. Currently she has been lecturing in courses in Mexico, China and Canada. Teanny is an AMI consultant in Mexico and the USA and gives workshops for teachers and parents. 



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