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AMI Primary (3-6) Diploma Course



This Course offers an in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy focusing on the developmental needs of children from two and half to six years of age.

" is not something which the teacher does; it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.”
Dr. Maria Montessori

Course Description

The Course includes lectures on Montessori Philosophy and Practice as well as Presentations of a full set of Montessori Materials to help the students learn to present and understand the depth behind each and every material in the Montessori Environment for children between age 2.5 and 6. This includes materials in the Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics areas. The students will also learn how to incorporate Culture in every area of the environment. 


There will be opportunities to participate in discussion groups, as well as time to practice with the Montessori materials (more than 140 hours) under the supervision of qualified staff. Students will also have the opportunity to observe children (90 hours) and to practice teaching (80 hours) in Montessori classrooms. The students will also make some materials which they can use in their own classrooms with children.

Our Previous AMI Primary Diploma Course
Director of Training (AMI 3-6 Trainer)

Diwo Lhamo Pemba

Diwo Lhamo Pemba is an AMI Primary Trainer from Tibetan-Bhutanese ethnicity. Lhamo did her AMI Primary (3-6) training with Lynne Lawrence in London, UK and her AMI Assistant to Infancy (0-3) training with Judi Orion in Denver, Colorado, USA. She has several years of experience on both levels as well as being trained as a teacher in the traditional educational system. Lhamo has been offering courses in different parts of the world such as USA; Egypt, Vietnam, India, Mongolia and Morocco as an adjunct staff member of Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) in Hartford, CT, USA. She has also written a book on Tibetan Proverbs. In Egypt, Lhamo has given three AMI Primary Assistants Courses as well as the first AMI Primary Diploma Course in the country. With Lhamo, the first graduation of AMI Guides (Teachers) in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, took place in Cairo! 

Course Language

English (Arabic Translation can be provided if requested by a sufficient number of students)

Course Components

Theory Lectures: Dr. Maria Montessori philosophy, human development and phycology, the prepared environment, the materials, the role of the adult and more.


Demonstration Lectures: Presentation of the full set of materials offered to children from 3 to 6 including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Zoology, Botany, Art, and Music.


Supervised Practice (more than 140 hours): Supervised and guided practice with the materials.


Care of the Environment: Students will also take responsibility for the environment everyday just as they would when they are with children. This is an essential aspect of the training that develops the students' eye for the care and maintenance of the material and helps them to develop a familiarity with the set up of a Montessori environment.


School Observation (90 hours) and Teaching Practice (80 hours): Students will be assigned to go to Montessori environments in Greater Cairo for observation and teaching practice. Students would also be encouraged to observe and practice teaching in AMI classrooms outside Egypt if possible.

Assignments and Albums: Students will need to submit work at regular intervals during the course, which will include theory essays, material making assignments and observation reports. Students will also prepare original albums in the different areas (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Culture is incorporated into the 4 areas.)


Material Making: Students learn how to make activities for the classroom which they would to keep for their own use.

Requirements for Certification

The AMI diploma is awarded by the Association Montessori Internationale. It qualifies the holder to work with children in a Montessori environment between 3 and 6 years of age. To get the certificate you need to complete:

  At least 90% attendance on the course

  At least 140 hours of supervised practice with the Montessori Materials

  At least 90 hours of observation and 80 hours of Teaching Practice done in Montessori Classrooms with AMI Guides (inside or outside Egypt, between the two terms) 
  Material making assignments that are done to the required standard
  Written assignments that are on time and to the required standard

  Submission of Original Albums
  Required Readings 
  Passing grades in written and oral examinations conducted by AMI Examiners

Teaching Practice with children
Teaching Practice with children

Our Diploma student presenting Skip Counting to a child at our Training Center.

Practice with the Materials
Practice with the Materials

Our Diploma Students practicing with the Montessori Materials.

Montessori Teaching Practice
Montessori Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice with Children at our Training Center.

Teaching Practice with children
Teaching Practice with children

Our Diploma student presenting Skip Counting to a child at our Training Center.

Tuition Fees

The tuition for the AMI Primary (3-6) Diploma Course is EGP160,000 (around $10,000), payable as follows:

Application Fee: 

Non-Refundable Application fee EGP10,000 (around $625)

EGP71,000 (around $4,440) 

First Term Tuition

EGP71,000 (around $4,440) 

Second Term Tuition

EGP8,000 (around $495) 

Examination Fees 

How To Apply?

Submit your Application Form
• Completed Application Form
• Non-refundable Application Fee (contact us to inquire about payment methods)
• An essay on why you wish to undertake this course (about 500 words)


Complete your application documents within 2 weeks of Application Form submission
• Copy of Bachelor degree 
• 2 Reference / recommendation letters
• Updated CV
• Copy of Egyptian ID or passport
• Copy of Egyptian Residency or Marriage Certificate if you are a foreigner married to an Egyptian
• Signed Payment Schedule (will be available to download here soon)
• A recent passport size photograph


Required Skills
• Good English (spoken and written)
• The ability to work with high standards in a demanding course

• Good communication and organizational skills


  • A personal interview is required, either in person or by Skype / telephone. The Course Director reserves the right to make the final decision regarding admission.

  • Submit your application documents either by email at or by hand at The Montessori Institute in Cairo: 9, street 256th, behind Grand Mall, Maadi, Cairo, 11742 Egypt. +2-01110011595 (prior appointment needed).