TMIC is located in Maadi in the heart of Cairo! 

Maadi Neighborhood

Maadi is considered one of the two expat oases in Cairo; it is a quiet, leafy suburban district south of Cairo. The TMIC center is located behind the Grand Mall and is within walking distance from restaurants, coffee shops, and banks. Maadi also has a big variety of kindergartens and schools and is known to be the hub for wellness centers and everything related to a natural and health lifestyle. The district is also considered to be in the middle between other areas and accessible from all areas in Cairo and Giza. The European-designed district on the east bank of the Nile has largely maintained its splendour and enduring appeal since its establishment in the 19th century by Khedive Ismail, being home to a large number of grand two-storey villas and foreign embassies.

Local Points of Interest

  • Grand Mall : Located within 2 minutes walking distance from the center, Grand Mall has many stores including some international and Egyptian brands in addition to coffee shops, restaurants, bookstore, stationary stores, house tools and accessories and stores to fix clothes, shoes and more! Across the street from the mall, is a number of additional stores, coffee shops and restaurants. 

  • Maadi City Center : Home of more than 85 of the top local and international retailers and restaurants, as well as a comprehensive Carrefour hypermarket. Maadi City Center is located less than 7 km from TMIC.

  • Osana Family Wellness Center: Based in a beautiful villa in maadi, cairo. Osana Family Wellness Center offers yoga, pilates and other client-based barefoot classes and holistic treatments for both adults and children. The center also has wonderful indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Osana Family Wellness Center is located just 1 km from TMIC and is accessible in 15 min by walking.

  • Grocery stores: Maadi has a number of grocery stores of different sizes including Carrefour , Alfa Market, Gourmet, Metro as well as many smaller supermarkets within walking distance.

  • Old Maadi: Within 15 minutes walking distance, you could reach Old Maadi where you could enjoy walking between beautiful buildings and abundant trees. For those who live in Maadi, the pleasures of a stroll can become a daily habit.


Nearby Housing

There are plenty of options for living in Maadi, depending on your budget and the length of your stay, you could choose from hotels (different categories) and furnished or unfinished studios and apartments. For more information check Booking , Craigslist and Airbnb , we could also help you rent a studio or an apartment nearby if you cannot find what you are looking for online.

Things to do while in Cairo!

While being in Cairo, you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit many historical places including The Great Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, old Mosques and Churches and much more! Maadi is located by the Nile which makes your experience incomplete without a 1-hour Felucca sail on the Nile! If you are staying for a long period, we also recommend that you add few more days and get outside Cairo to visit Siwa, Luxor & Aswan, Nuba, Alexandria or the Red Sea! For more information check the TripAdvisor website. Despite the fact that Cairo is one of the busiest and most crowded cities around the world, you could still enjoy amazing green open-spaces locations in Cairo!

Getting around

It is best to move around in Maadi by walking or Uber and outside Maadi by Uber. Both public transportation and driving are not advisable for foreigners as the public transportation are extremely crowded and it might be very tricky to drive in Cairo's crowded streets. However, nowadays many foreigners learn to drive in Egyptian streets and some prefer to use public transportation. Some Egyptians and Foreigners also use bicycles to move around Maadi, however it might not be for everyone as there are no special lanes for bikes. Renting a car and hiring a driver might be a good option for some students specially if a group of students is willing to share the cost of one car. Car pooling is also becoming popular now in Egypt. Whatever your choice is, we could certainly help!