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Understanding the nature of the child


If you are a parent, understanding the nature of the child makes you a happier parent and allows your child to grow healthy. However, this course is not just for parents, it is for anyone who is interested to understand children and participate in supporting their natural development. This course is perfect for parents, grandparents, teachers, Montessori school staff, sports trainers, and anyone who works or lives with children. This course mainly discusses Early Childhood (Birth to 6 years) but is beneficial to understand children of all ages. It is also a foundation course that is a prerequisite for other courses: Supporting children from birth to 3 and Supporting children from 3 to 6 . 

Course Content

  • SECTION 1: Formation of Personality during the first 6 years of life

  • SECTION 2: The unknown potentials of the child

  • SECTION 3: The Stages of Human Development

  • SECTION 4: Understanding young Children's behavior

  • SECTION 5: The Family and its importance to the Child

  • SECTION 6: Sharing our experiences (includes your own analysis and thoughts of what you need to change in the environment, in yourself or in your relationship with the child).


It is never too late to build a strong and healthy relationship with your child and help him/her to build or improve her own personality. This course will help you to better understand children and the reasons behind their behavior. It will clear all the doubts you have as a parent or an educator about offering the best help for the child. This course might be an important milestone helping you to start enjoying your journey as a parent or educator without yelling, tension, and unnecessary hassle. Imagine yourself swimming within the current instead of swimming against it; going against Nature has never worked. In this course, you will learn how to respect the nature of the child while successfully playing your role as a parent or educator. You will also get expert advice on many issues many parents and educators are facing with children such as a child's lack of concentration, speech delay, unhappy/unsatisfied children, twos tantrums, etc. 


Certificate of Completion from The Montessori Institute in Cairo. The Certificate is awarded to students who have satisfied the 90% attendance requirements and have completed coursework to the required standard. 

Hala Aboulela

Course Instructor

Hala Aboulela is certified from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) as a Montessori Guide (Teacher) for children from 2.5 to 6+ years and Montessori Classroom Assistant for children from Birth to 3 years. Hala is the founder and president of Montessori Foundation of Egypt (the AMI Affiliated Society in Egypt), co-founder of The Montessori Institute in Cairo (the AMI Training Center) and Nile River Montessori (one of the first two Authentic Montessori Schools in Egypt). She has been involved in Education since 2013 when she first worked with Middle School students (age 12 to 18) as an IB Art Teacher. She also worked with children of different ages from 1.5 to 7 years as Art teacher and as Montessori Guide. She has background and experience in Child Nutrition, Child Development and Elderly Care. She is a mother of two children (8 and 10 years) who first inspired her to shift her career from Architecture and Web Design to Education!

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